What is SEM?

ZWAANZ | Blog/ News: What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?
  • How do some websites get all the business?
  • Have you heard of SEM?

*SEM = Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a little easier to take advantage of, in comparison to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in that it is a means to improve your ‘page ranking’ through paid search engine marketing strategies – paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions (online advertising). Although there may be similarities, SEM and SEO is not the same thing.

When implementing SEM solutions, ‘key words or phrases’ prevalent to your website, products and services (your business) can be selected and paid for in order for your website link to be displayed within sponsored link areas or promoted within more visual online advertising banners every time someone searches for key words, phrases or views content that is similar to criteria chosen by you. A ‘key word analysis’ will allow you to determine key words or phrases that are applicable to your website and making use of these will further assist in optimizing your online marketing and promotions.